Tuff Ute Liner
No Drill Fitting Falcon Ute with Sports Bar Soft Cover Tonneau Installation only takes minutes. You don't have to a tradesman or even a handy man to install it! Even the tailgate liner does not require drilling. Each liner comes with a ute liner, a tailgate liner, a fitting kit, die-cast tie down points fore and aft. All you need are a few basic tools and a bit of time. With the exception of VY-Z Commodore Ute and Crewman. These require minimal drilling. Heavy Duty Tie Down Points Almost every Tuff Liner kit comes with 4 heavy duty, chromed tie down points, plus fitting instructions, and all you need to install it.
At 3mm Thick, these are the most heavy duty ute liner in Australia. Custom Design for Perfect Fit All Tuff Ute liners are designed so as to fit perfectly flush in your vehicle Tray. These come right up the walls over the tray. VY-Z Commodore & CrewmanFalcon Ute with Sports Bar Soft Cover Tonneau Perfect design so as to allow easy access if you need to change the tail lights on these models! Most Liners have Ute Mats to suit! To offer another durable layer of protection! We also include a FREE tailgate Liner with all purchases!. This is just another way TruBlue rewards its customers. Features Tuff Ute Liner fitted to Holden VZ All our tonneaus are tested in laboratories for UV protection, and Rip resistance. The Tuff Tonneaus has $1000's spent on testing anually in order to give you the very best quality covers for your backs! Other features include-:

  • Using a Tuff Ute Liner could significantly increase your resale value by minimising damage to your tub, or by revamping your old tired tub to give it an 'new' look.
  • Tuff Ute Liners are designed to allow for air flow and ventilation underneath them, so any water that makes its way underneath cannot get trapped and will flow away easily.
  • No matter how you use your Tuff Ute Liner, it will be an asset to both you and your Ute to keep it looking as good as new.

Freight Freight delivery to Capital Cities is $45 and for everywere else $60.Please note we only ship to VIC, NSW, QLD (excluding regional QLD), ACT, S.A (only metro Adelaide), W.A (only metro Perh). This coupled with our low prices, and 'second to none' customer service, make Tru Blue the No#1 Choice for yours Utes Gear.
To Order TruBlue Utes offers quick and friendly customer service! So its easy to order with us. It's easy to get your Ute Gear today, simply call toll free 0433 151 927 from anywhere in Australia. We accept Visa, Mastercard, Amex, funds transfer via internet or direct deposit - some people even send a cheque! Tuff Ute Liner Prices

UR Under rail
OR Over rail
¤ Requires drilling

ORCourier/Bravo Dual Cab 1999 - 2006 120U $399
ORCourier/Bravo Super Cab 1999 - 2006 121U $399
ORCourier/Bravo Single Cab 1999 - 2006 122U $399
ORRanger / BT50 Dual Cab 2007 - Current 125U $399
URRanger / BT50 Dual Cab 2007 - Current 125UP $399
ORRanger / BT50 Super Cab 2007 - Current 126U $399
URRanger / BT50 Super Cab 2007 - Current 126UP $399
ORRanger / BT50 Single Cab 2007 - Current 127U $399
OR¤Falcon XD-XE-XF-XG-XH 1979 - 01/1999 104U $399
ORRodeo Dual Cab 1997 - 2002 220U $399
URRodeo/Colorado/Isuzu Dual Cab 2003 - Current 250UP $399
ORRodeo/Colorado Space Cab 2003 - Current 251U $399
ORRodeo/Colorado Single Cab 2003 - Current 252U $399
ORCommodore VG-VP-VR-VS 1990 - 02/2001 206U $399
UR¤Commodore VU-VY-VZ 03/2001 - 2007 211U $399
UR¤Commodore Crewman VY-VZ 10/2003 - Current 212U $399
ORNavara Dual Cab 2WD 1986 - 05/2006 305U $399
ORNavara Dual Cab 4WD STR D22 11/2001 - Current 322U $399
URNavara Dual Cab 4WD STX D40 2006 - Current 332U $399
ORNavara Dual Cab 4WD STX D40 2006 - Current 332NHBU $399
ORTriton Dual Cab 1997 - 07/2006 411U $399
URTriton Dual Cab 07/2006 - Current 421U $399
ORHilux Dual Cab 1998 - 03/2005 520U $399
ORHilux Dual Cab SR5 no roll bars 1998 - 03/2005 523U $399
ORHilux Dual Cab SR5 with roll bars 1998 - 03/2005 524U $399
ORHilux Dual Cab SR5 A-Deck 04/2005 - Current 530U $399
ORHilux Dual Cab J-Deck 08/2005 - Current 536U $399
URHilux Dual Cab SR5 (+ Bars) 04/2005 - Current 534U $399
ORHilux Extra Cab 1998 - 03/2005 521U $399
ORHilux Extra Cab inc SR5 04/2005 - Current 531U $399
ORHilux Single Cab 04/2005 - Current 532U $399

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